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Have fun with this kewl MSN Weird maker site made especially for all you weirdmaker freaks out there.
We also have free winks and Msn 7.0, 7.5 & Live Messenger 8 downloads for you to enjoy!
Make funny Msn letters with this tool. wich you then can use as MSN Names or in the chats you have with your friends and family!
With this Tool you can make your text weird for MSN or Live Messenger.

WHat is Weird maker ?

This free site is specially to create your own Weird Text. You could use this tool for free.
We hope you like it and that you create a nice text.

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New winks

Tasty computing wink
Tasty computing all day! computing wink.php

Thief wink
Is this dog a thief? wink.php

I love you! wink
I love you very much .. love you!wink.php


New avatars

Download: harley
gangster girl
Download: gangster girl girl
Love me love you
Download: Love me love you me love you
Download: test
Download: OKAN

New msn names

The more I learn the more I know, the more I know the more I forget, so why would I still learn? : P
(W) kOn k just be with you (W)
{I never let you goo your my mind } Loveyousomutch (L)
I would like to go to bed with you if you want to, you do not have to say anything .. just smile
(your own name) ‘(f) # (name of your baby) I love you, as you see .. (L)
,,I LOvee LOvee,, LOvee Is YOuu,, I LOvee LOvee,, So I LOvee YOuu,,
x[[ уOυυ мY αηgєℓ , Never Wanna Let yOuu gOo ;; ]]x
(A) (L) Do not you know that you give me strength? You are the wings of my flight !! (L) (A)

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New msn names

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What is weird maker? How to use it for fun?

In the modern world, the use of technology and specifically the usage of the internet have become extremely pervasive. Anybody and everybody nowadays use modern gadgets to stay connected. The smartphones, tablets, and the smartwatches help us to stay connected round the clock. Due to this convenient connectivity and stable internet connectivity, the popularity of the various internet messengers has increased by many folds. There are numerous messengers present in the internet and all of these can be downloaded for free. These messengers provide a host of features to the clients. In order to make these messengers more fun and enjoyable, the weird maker is used. With the help of this tool you will be able to use weird text in between the conversation and make it more intersecting and dynamic. The application of this tool is very simple band and the process itself is very interactive and dynamic.

The various features of this weird maker  

Some of the features have already been mentioned in the above paragraph and apart from those, there are also many other cool and very intersecting aspects present in this application with which you will be able to make the conversation or any blog more interesting and very dynamic. For example, weird maker allows you to use various avatars. As a matter of fact, you will be able to make these avatars with the help of pictures selected by you. Apart from all of these, there are various emoticons that are also very much available for use. This tool is available in the internet absolutely free and one will be able to use through the official websites and official web portals.

The technical aspects and seeking online help if needed

The weird maker is available on the internet for free you can use this to make the text conversation more interesting. Although, with the help of this tool you will be able to incorporate the weird aspects in the chat box of the MSN messenger and Live messenger. The weird texts, pictures, and the various emoticons and the various popular avatars will always make the chatting experience more interesting for you. This tool also allows you to create your own avatars with the help of your favorite pictures and characters. Apart from these, with the help of the weird maker, the new bloggers and web users and webmasters can make their own customized avatars which will make their presence absolutely unique in the internet. Apart from these, there are also several features available, you can always visit the official websites and know more about the weird maker and its several features.

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Weird maker and its several aspects

21st century is the age of technological developments and various rapid and scientific progresses. The scientific progress and its inventions have changed the way we perceive the world around us. Internet has bridged the gap between two distinct places and brought them closer than ever. Technology and the usage of internet have become extremely pervasive in the modern world and anybody and everybody can stay connected to the internet with the help of the various smart and hand held gadgets. There are various internet messengers present in the internet but when it comes to MSN you can always something more. With the help of the weird maker you can add various interesting and interactive elements while chatting with your friends or family. You will be able to customize the texts and change the texts according to needs and requirements. Apart from these, there are also various other amazing features and aspects of the weird maker.

What exactly is the role of weird maker?

With the help of the weird maker a lot of things are possible. For example, you can always add various avatars and pictures and edit and customize the texts that you send according to your fancy, although, these fantastic changes and features are only available for the MSN and Live messenger. Basically , the weird maker is a free online tools with which the clients and the web users can make various changes to the texts while chatting and can also add pictures and avatars in the conversation box. On the other hand, this also allows the users to make customized avatars according to their whims and fancy. For example, you can always go for the avatars with your favorite characters. The weird maker has a global popularity and there are millions of users who use this across the globe.

Understanding the technical aspects of this tool

As has been mentioned earlier, the weird maker is a free online tool that allows the web users to make and add various things in the MSN and Live messengers while chatting. Apart from the normal web users this tool is also used by various bloggers and various other web masters who want to make their identity unique. As this tool allows the users to create and design various avatars with the help of various pictures. Apart from these, you also have the options to add various interactive emoticons and other similar elements. Apart from editing the texts according to needs and requirements you can also incorporate various characters from games with the help of this weird maker. In case you need any technical assistance you can always seek the help from the official web sites and web portals. Apart from these in order to know more about the weird maker you must visit the official web site and check. The weird maker only works fine with the MSN messenger and the live messenger and in any case if your messenger is not supporting this tool, you must check the version.         

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MSN avatar maker has introduced some pickleball stickers for Pickleball Enthusiasts

Creating avatars is an operation that, sooner or later, most of the people who publish web content is faced with. Let’s start by defining what an avatar is. With the term avatar you mean an image, also of photographic quality which represents a person and in your specific case represents it on the web. In one word, the avatar is an image chosen to represent its users in a virtual community, in a place of aggregation, discussion or online gaming.

How to get pickleball avatars free with weird text ?

This web service is obviously free and the qualitative results obtained with its use are truly remarkable. How is the instrument used? It’s easy, although the avatar created is of excellent quality. The first thing you need to do, on the home page of is to choose the MSN link from which you want your weird avatar and text to be made. The level of avatar customization is very high and the graphics are accurate. The keys also allow you to enlarge or reduce, to tighten or to enlarge the details of the face and the bust.

msnpickleball avatars

Or you can decide to start from scratch. If you really want to have fun only one can you can choose to create random avatar directly to the system. Even this tool is very easy to use and is rather nice to handle if you want to make weird texts such as gangster girl, Harley and love me love you. These free tools allow you to create avatars online the level of customization is very high. You can decide to create avatars directly to the system by pressing the Random button.

Why is it necessary?

Imagine that you are a blogger who is preparing to create a blog or a webmaster who is about to create a personal website. In both cases, it is very likely that you want to use an avatar to represent you on the web. Creating personal avatars like pickleball gamers do love pickleball avatars  then pickleball stickers will be useful when you are commenting on posts from other bloggers, or when you reply to a comment made on your blog. Along with your comment or your reply, your blog will also display your avatar, making your intervention more recognizable because it is personalized.

what is to know of playing Pickle ball ?


The pickle ball was born in Seattle, United States. First of all, it is a sport for all the members of the family. Its mechanics are simple, similar to tennis and with a rhythm chosen by those who practice it since it can vary depending on whether it is a competition or a game with playful purposes. It can be played by the youngest, parents and grandparents just two top rated paddles and best pickleball nets which can be found here. It is a good way to integrate all the members of the family in a fun, healthy and entertaining way. In addition, it is very easy to learn. It can also be practiced by people with reduced mobility, such as individuals in wheelchairs.

FIFA 19 Coin Generator Glitch with MSN Maker to Create new Avatars

FIFA 19 has landed on the market with the Champions League under its belt, one of the great novelties of the most played soccer simulator in the world. Many will think that nothing has changed from the FIFA 18 to the 19. First, the gameplay again surpasses the previous version and the freedom of movement, accompanied by better graphics and more players with their faces delight the most pure of this type of games. The rights of the Champions League make the simulator one of the great competitions that many users demanded, as well as the possibility of participating in the tournament.


MSN avatars are a way to establish your personality in the online world. Use your MSN avatar during the conversation in MSN Messenger for free with FIFA 19. This gives people an idea about who you are. Making avatars also gives you the opportunity to be creative, even if you are not a graphic designer. Most avatars creation programs are free to use and are available with many different options. You can create an MSN avatar that looks like you in FIFA 19, or use an image instead. Change your avatar depending on who is talking, protect your privacy and personalize your conversations. Click on your avatar when you have an open chat window. Click on Hide Show Image to keep your private MSN avatar.

Where to get them avatars in FIFA 19?

Just verify your age and then log in with your username and password for MSN. The online free tools are compatible with any search engines browser. Choose fashionable hairstyles and clothes that show off your own personal style for your MSN avatar. Depending on the avatar site you use, your cartoon will automatically be uploaded to your MSN profile. With you make the avatar for your MSN profile for free. In almost any platforms like messenger, blogs and website, you can take these free tools as an option. As a weird maker you get the chance to customize your avatar to best suit your webpage. With these following free tools in the blog, you can get much detail about how to include those avatars there. With these free tools you can create your weird text. Some of them are Harley, gangster girl, love me love you.

Why Avatar in FIFA 19 with Hack ?

Avatars are images that are used to represent individuals in Internet forums, as well as social networking websites. Making these avatars is quite easy if you have the right software program. You also have the option of creating your own avatar on several different websites. These websites allow you to upload any photo that is on the computer and then edit that box. Use these websites to create avatars online. If you have a personal webpage or blog field, you must let the weird avatar and text shining there as your profile picture of about you.