MSN 7.5 Download



A number of things have been added to MSN 7.5, of course a number of things immediately stand out. Of course the winks, the packs button and the nudge button.

The “design” of MSN 7.5 has also been completely renewed. The layout has remained the same.


Nudge Function

With the Nudge function in Msn 7.5 you can make your and your conversation partners window
vibrate and play a sound, to attract attention

MSN 7.5 Winks

New is MSN 7.5 are the Winks, these are a kind of big emoticon over the entire conversation window. The winks in MSN 7.5 are played as a kind of video with sound.

MSN 7.5 Activities

With Activities you can easily share your files, photos, calendar and similar things via your MSN 7.5
You can download the latest MSN 7.5 version at live demo site